003 So you want to be a reality TV host

On this episode I discuss becoming a reality TV host worrying about someone stealing your idea. Also, I started a facebook page for the podcast www.facebook.com/mydocjourney

This week’s big accomplishment was that I created a pitch deck to send out to businesses for sponsorships. You can download it at https://www.voiceofvanilla.com/media

Next I discuss a really fantastic podcast, Producing Unscripted with Joke and Biagio. If you’re interested in reality TV, this is the podcast to listen to. 
Episode with detective Pat Postiglione https://producingunscripted.com/pat-postiglione/
Pitch TV series, not profile pieces https://producingunscripted.com/pitch-tv-series/#more-1641
Creating Reality TV worlds https://producingunscripted.com/reality-tv-worlds/

Once you’ve created something, submit it to film festivals through Film Freeway

And learn more about creating for Youtube through the Creator Academy