005 Dealing with fear

Check out the event page for Voice of Vanilla’s first event! https://www.facebook.com/events/385835305466061/

Learn about Shayao Mcfarland’s organization that helps nonprofits put on cool fundraising events, Project Careaoki

Here are her points of advice:
1) Talk to EVERYONE about your project. Don’t worry about what their reaction will be- expect people to be supportive!!!
2) Always have a donation package to handout at businesses.
includes: donation letter, donation form, event flier
3) Make a list of people/businesses who could benefit from your event, and make sure to have a good idea of HOW they can benefit.

4) Have a sponsorship agreement for sponsors to sign.

Managing social media: Create 5-10 social media posts, and rotate them
– past events
– current events
– event updates
– what your company does
– upcoming projects 
– questions like “Are you interested in…?” “Do you want to check out…”

Finding corporate sponsors: reach out to Marketing team; list benefits such as posting logos on all blog posts, marketing materials, email blasts, etc.

Lynda.com is the cool tutorial site that will teach you anything. It’s free through many libraries (with a library card).