016 Building your documentary audience

HotDocs 2018 Documentary Audience Research study https://telefilm.ca/wp-content/uploads/hotdocs2018-doc-audience-report-en.pdf
Peter Broderick blog about Distribber http://peterbroderick.com/distributionbulletins/distributionbulletins.html
How to develop your audience

DON’T assume you know who your audience is. Do some research.

  1. Make a list of topics/keywords related to your film
  1. Research what exists
    1. Other films, news stories, books, blogs, reddit groups, twitter chats, businesses, influencers
    2. Create a spreadsheet/ organize findings
    3. Make list of types of content that gets shared, the way people communicate, what topics people are talking about or asking about
    4. Make list of conferences or other events
    5. Bonus is that you learn even more about your topic!!!
    6. Here’s where you’ll find the groups/influencers who you will reach out to to spread the word about your film
    7. Follow unexpected leads to find things you hadn’t thought of- add to list of keywords

Create a composite sketch of your audience with 3-5 examples

  • Beliefs and mindset are most important aspect- not age or sex
  • Go out and talk to people who match your sketched and make sure they really are interested

Develop a relationship with your audience

  • Share your WHY
  • Engage in-person as much as possible
  • Start building your email list
    • Make sure you’re offering value
  • Ask audience for their feedback/ideas
    • send your list a survey asking them about their lives and interests. Ask them what intrigues them about your documentary project and what topics they’d like to see covered.
    • Bring them back to your site by giving them ways to participate
    • Blog: about filmmaking process, about characters/themes; expand narrative beyond the film by working with/connecting to grassroots orgs that work on the social issues your doc covers; post content from film

Write articles that can be shared by people/groups/orgs