023 How to run a crowdfunding campaign

Seed&Spark, Crowdfunding for filmmakers by John Trigonis

  1. Audience research: what do they like??? Figure out your core audience (maybe 3 diff ‘buckets’) and talk to a few people in each bucket. Ask them things like what websites they visit, what celebrities or influencers they follow — helps you craft the style of your campaign
  1. Video: only 90 seconds, according to S&S first 15 sec should show film, and needs to GRAB viewer. DO NOT MAKE IT LONGER THAN 2min
  • If you don’t have footage, find archival footage
  • Even if you do- FIND ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE
  1. Determine amount you’ll raise: call as many of your friends and family as you possibly can, and ask them how much they’d be willing to donate. 
  • Fun way to connect or re-connect
  • Adds weight to request

How many people are in your network?

  • S&S says that to raise $10-14k you need 100-200 donors
  • 10% of people you email directly will donate, so that means you need to email 1000-2500
  1. Incentives: 
  • Something you can send right away (shout out, digital photo or song download, digital coloring book)
    • Make sure you’re thanking people right away
  • Something to engage them later (film screening)
  • Avoid stuff you have to mail or that costs money to produce
  1. Make sure your peeps are gonna donate on day 1; S&S says successful campaign raise 30% of goal in first week
  2. Be prepared to continuously engage people throughout the month