024 How to run crowdfunding campaign pt.2

  1. “Don’t solicit. Elicit.”

I think about this alot listening in on CH rooms. Someone will take the stage and not really describe their project, but ask everyone to go and follow them. But why does anyone want to follow you?

Instead, describe what you’re doing. The people it resonates with will go and follow you without you even asking. It kind of goes back to the idea of “not everyone is your audience”. Just focus on attracting your people. Don’t worry about trying to get “everyone” to your campaign.

In other words, don’t spam.

  1. Update your community
    1. Thank your contributors w/in 24 hrs
    2. Email 1x per week during the campaign, but you can update facebook and twitter more frequently – fb/ig daily, and twitter multiple times a day
    3. Email 1x per month after (unless something extraordinary happens) – this is now your community. Through you they get to make films, so keep them in the loop and they will continue to support your filmmaking
  2. Think beyond money – people may not be able to donate money, but they may be able to donate other things like rewards miles, website development, or music. Seed and Spark allows you to make a “Wish list” so people can see exactly what you need. Utilize this give people in your community the chance to help in other ways.
  3. Fb – events & fawning
  4. Insta – use bit.ly link and always refer to Link in bio
  5. CH and TikTok